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Why build a passive house

Passive houses or Passivhaus are the next generation in construction: high energy efficiency, better air quality and greater comfort without compromising aesthetics.

We specialise in passive houses because we are committed to fighting climate change, and in this way we are putting our experience and knowledge to work for this cause.

Benefits of passive houses

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Better health

Your health and that of your family will be greatly improved by living in a passive house.
The airtight construction prevents pollution, dust and pollen from entering the house, and the mechanical ventilation system ensures that the quality of the air you breathe is optimal.

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You will enjoy a stable temperature in your home all year round, forget about cold corners.
In addition, being a highly airtight construction, the acoustic insulation is also much better, so you will rest much better without interruptions from outside noises.

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A passive house consumes between 75% and 90% less energy per year, this is a very good saving for your pocket but also for the planet.
By consuming less energy, you will prevent an average of 9.3 tonnes of CO2 from going into our oceans, soil and atmosphere every year.

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Smart investment

Investing in a passive house is investing in your future, your children's future and the future of the planet. In addition, you will be able to apply for mortgages with better conditions, meet the increasingly demanding European energy consumption standards and your house will gain value in the real estate market.

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