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Our goal is to accompany you from start to finish throughout the process of creating your new passive house.
We will oversee every aspect of the project,
coordinating resources, people and time.


We like to be close to you.
Our first meeting is a video call to get to know you, understand your needs and solve doubts.


Building a home is a unique experience and that is why we take it with great affection.


Your home is manufactured in a controlled space.
This way of working allows to obtain more precision, quality and reliability for your house.
Once manufactured, it is assembled in a few days on the site of your choice.

The process to get to your Passivhaus:

Build your own wooden house with I'm in

01 - Location

The plot on which to build your house must be in Catalonia.

At the moment our services are only available in Catalonia.

02 - Solar

The land must be developable and you must have title to it.

In case you don't have one yet, I'm in can help you to find one according to your conditions.

03 - Financing

Autopromotor mortgage

We offer our clients the option of 80-100% financing for the construction of the house.

04 - Geotechnical study

Study to be able to dimension the foundations.

It is carried out prior to the architectural project and allows us to better approximate the final cost of your house.

05 - Architectural project

We carry out the entire project of your future home with you.

Together with our architects, we carry out: Preliminary project, basic project and executive project.

06 - Licences

Management of the building permit

Once the architectural project has been drawn up, we take care of managing the application to obtain the building permit and to be able to start building.

07 - Foundations

The rockier and less steeply sloping the terrain, the lower the cost of the foundation.

08 - Execution of the house

We go from the prefabrication of the internal structure of your house to the final cladding and finishes.

09 - Handing over the keys

Everything ready to hand over the keys to your home!

+ I'm in Guarantee that covers the structure for 10 years.
+ info guarantee

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